Used Klonopin After Drug Abuse Rehab? You Relapsed! «

Used Klonopin After Drug Abuse Rehab? You Relapsed!

November 28, 2016
By: Tim Myers |

Go Back To Drug Abuse Rehab If You’re On Klonopin

I was working with a guy and everyday for three months since he got out of a drug abuse rehab. He called me every day and never seemed to have any problems. For most people who attend a drug abuse rehab, life is very difficult. Post drug abuse rehab life is full of people places and things that make a young person in recovery very uncomfortable, But not my guy. So finally after 3 months of his phone calls I started asking him the same question everyday. “What are you struggling with today?” Still, everything was great! Something as up, I have never met anyone who’s life was so perfect so soon after drug abuse rehab. Finally he called me and said he was struggling. I was so excited! He said, “The halfway house I’m going to won’t let me in if I’m on my medication.”

“What medication are you on?” I said.

“Klonopin, it’s a benzodiazepine”, said the moron.


First Stop, A Drug Detox Center For Klonopin

My first thought was well, you need to go back to a drug abuse rehab. My second thought was, no you need to go to a drug detox center right now because you can die from a benzodiazepine withdrawals. I wanted to drive the little druggie to the drug detox center myself. I asked him a few questions about it, you know like a good web MD doctor would. He said he is on the drug because of his social anxiety. I pointed out that every alcoholic has social anxiety. I also pointed out that many people go to drug abuse rehab for problems with the Klonopin. He also said that before he was put on the benzo, before drug abuse rehab, that the benzo made him go from dead last in sales to number one the country at his company.


Is He Sober If Klonopin Is Prescribed?

All of me wanted to scream, “You’re Not Sober Moron”, “You need to go back to drug abuse rehab moron!” Get an Uber to a drug detox center moron!.” But I’m trying to be nicer these days. I asked if he considers himself sober or not and he said he does because it is needed for his mental health. I once convinced a Dr. I needed birth control pills for myself and I have a penis. We hung up and he decided to keep taking the drug and considers himself sober. I hung up convinced he is not.

Recovery Can Heal Many Mental Health Conditions.

I have seen recovery and drug detox centers and drug abuse rehabs heal almost every mental health disorder. Yes it takes time but, with the right amount of effort social anxiety and all the other can be healed. Giving a recovering man who just left a drug detox center and a drug abuse rehab Klonopin, is like giving a person who just attempted suicide a loaded gun.

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