My Alcohol Relapse Is Donald Trumps Fault «

My Alcohol Relapse Is Donald Trumps Fault

November 14, 2016
By: Tim Myers |

Recovering Alcoholics Are Blaming Trump For Their Alcohol Relapse


It’s 3 a.m. and the phone is ringing. Who do you want to answer that call? That Iconic Hillary Clinton campaign AD is straggly pertinent to this topic because at 3 a.m. on the night of the presidential election my phone rang. It was a sponsee who said that he was dealing with an alcohol relapse. Why did he relapse? Well, he said that his alcohol relapse was because Donald Trump was elected president. Over the next 24 hours I would receive 5 phone calls from other people who also claim that because Donald Trump was elected President they already had or were planning an alcohol relapse.

Trump Made You Drink? Go to an Alcohol Treatment Center Now.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I checked with some friends and checked Facebook to see if this alcohol relapse plague because of Trump was nationwide or if it was just people I knew. It didn’t take long to see that instances of an alcohol relapse were taking place across the country. I had not even once thought about the danger of an alcohol relapse because of the election. Is that because I voted for Trump? Hell no. Is that because I didn’t care about the election? Hell No! I didn’t even consider an alcohol relapse because I go to a meeting everyday, I call my sponsor, I help others stay sober and I work all 12 steps.


Your Program Sucks If Trump Can Make You Abuse Alcohol

When that first phone call came, I told the young man who called that he was a moron. Trump has nothing to do with your alcohol relapse it has to do with your lack of focus on your disease of addiction. An alcohol relapse cannot be caused by anyone other than you. An alcohol relapse happens because you chose to take your hand, put it on a cup vodka and drink it. Any alcohol treatment center is going to tell you the same. If your alcohol relapse happened around the election it is simply just a coincidence and Trump is just an excuse for you to drink.

5 Signs Of An Alcohol Relapse

People who have suffered an alcohol relapse exhibit 6 signs.
1. Their feelings and emotions are running wild.
2. There are having difficulty living life.
3. They are angered easily.
4. They have lost their connection to a recovery program.
5. Most of their friends are not in recovery.

All of the people I talked to who were going to have an alcohol relapse or were thinking about an alcohol relapse had already shown 4 out of the 5 signs of a person who had already had an alcohol relapse. I suggested to all of the people I talked to that they speak to someone at an alcohol treatment center right away. If you think that an alcohol relapse can be caused by anyone other than your self you are giving Donald Trump way too much power and you were probably going to pick up a drink to celebrate Hillary’s win.

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