Lets Put A Drug Rehab Inside A Strip Club «

Lets Put A Drug Rehab Inside A Strip Club

January 23, 2017
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By: Tim Myers |

Drug Rehabs in a Strip Club, Horrible Idea?

I think we should put a drug rehab inside a strip club. You cannot convince me this is a bad idea. They put bait shops near the ocean, Dollar Stores in poor neighbor hoods and Ski Resorts on mountains. Why not put a Drug Rehab inside a strip club? That’s where all the druggies are! As someone who has been too many strip clubs, sober and not so sober, I can tell you that this is the next great idea in substance abuse treatment. We fish for fish in the ocean because that is where fish live. Ever tried to fish for fish in the parking lot? Take the recovery inside the places where the addicts live: King of Diamonds in St. Paul Minnesota, The Booby Trap (Great Name) in Plantation Florida or Tzer’s (they can’t Spell) in Binghamton, NY.

Put a Drug Detox in A Strip Club Too!


Placing a drug detox inside a strip club is also a great idea. That way the ladies never have to miss work to get off of heroin! “On stage right now we have Jasmine, in detox puking her guts out is Destiny!” People who are suffering from cocaine abuse and alcoholism and opiate addictions, well men that is, are doing a lot of there using in strip clubs. The strippers, no I will not call them dancers, are dealing drugs in the clubs and using heroin. If we put a drug rehab in one of these clubs it would provide help for addictions in real time. Listen, if you told me I had to go to rehab ii would say, no, no, no. If you told me I should to go to a strip club I would say let’s go, go, go.

Drug Rehabs Give Massages and Now Lap Dances

I have been to many drug rehabs and drug detox centers. All of them gave massages and had pools and business centers and fancy cars that drove you places and hand out gift cards of $90 a week for food. Why not through in a lap dance, that has just about as much to do with getting sober as a massage. One drug detox hands out a $300 robe to everyone who enters. They also give slippers to all people who enter, are located on the beach. Not next to the beach, on the beach. Groups take place in the sand and everyone has a single room. Drug rehabs and drug detox centers have started to cater to people by making rehab seem like Disney. So, since this is the trend who not go one step further and bring the treatment center to the strip club. Seems about as useful as handing out robes.

Substance Abuse Treatment Should Be about Change, Not Relaxation


Ok, putting a rehab center in a strip club is stupid. But you know what is also stupid, treatment centers that send the message that drug addicts are the victims. We are not victims. We are people who need to take responsibility for our own actions, learn how to hold on to a job, treat people with respect. If we want a robe we should earn it. We should pay people back for the money we stole before we lounge on the beach and if we went through hell to get to rehab we should go through hell to get out. If my treatment center was in a strip club or was a 5 star spa I WOULD KEEP USING! So no, I don’t really think drug rehabs should be inside a strip club, but I think that everyone should look for treatments centers for addiction that have programs in place that will actually help the addict not just provide a happy ending.