It’s A Wonderful Life From Drug Rehab To 6 Years Sober «

It’s A Wonderful Life From Drug Rehab To 6 Years Sober

December 12, 2016
By: Tim Myers |

After his 9th Drug Rehab Tim Changed His Life

“Please, please, I want to live again.”
– George Baily

I didn’t say those exact word 6 years ago but I felt each and every one of them. I had tried drug rehab 8 times before and there I was still drunk and hurting. Since the age of 10 the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” Had always been my favorite. I would always watch it from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Day. No matter how many times I watched it, I always cried at the end. I always cried because I thought I would never have a “Wonderful Life” like George. At the end his brother Harry Bailey call George “The richest man in town.” No because he has money but because he has so many friends who would do anything for him.

It’s A Wonderful Life Was Tim’s Motto In Rehab


As I began my last drug rehab stint, I thought about the movie and the life and principals that George lived by. Those were the same life goals I had and I wanted to be like him. In the movie a character says, “Please lord, help my friend George Bailey, he’s in this situation because he never thinks of him self.” At that time in my life there was zero percent chance anyone would ever say those things about. I only thought about myself.

To Be Like George Baily Tim Needed To take Drug Rehab Seriously

In my drug rehab they made each person get a sponsor in a 12-step fellowship. I got one and when we worked on my 6th step I had character defect notecards that I had to carry around with me each and everyday. On these cards were words like selfish and I had to be selfless all day. This was the step that was taking me closer and closer towards being like my hero from “It’s A Wonderful Life” I completed all of my steps and began working with other alcohilics just like George did in the film. Slowly over 3 years I had started to actually become a good person.

Every Time an Alcoholic Finishes His Steps and Angel Gets His Wings


My number of sponsees in alcoholics anonymous continued to rise and I was doing more good for the world than harm. I met my own Mary and we decided to move to Minnesota. We bought a house that is very similar to the House that George and Mary have in the movie. It is old and it is drafty. Last week when I had 6 years sober I stood in the backyard of my house and realized that I had finally become George Baily, a dream once thought to be impossible. How did I get here. It was because of the love and support of all of my family and friends. The same way George got out of trouble. So thank you to everyone I have ever met for making my life what it is today. I owe it to all of my Bedford falls friends. You have made my life… Wonderful!