Dentists Do Not Care About Recovering Drug Addicts! «

Dentists Do Not Care About Recovering Drug Addicts!

September 6, 2016
By: Tim Myers |

OK, before you all start freaking out..

Obviously I’m not talking about every dentist. I am DEFINITELY not talking about my dentist Dr. Farrell. I’m talking about all those dentists who continue to push medication on people after they mutter the magic words, “I’m in recovery, I can not be prescribed painkillers.”

90% of the time the doctor responds with this sentence, “Well, pain is pain.”
Yes sir, pain is pain and flowers are flowers and morons are morons. What the hell does that have to do with anything? Every time someone goes to the dentist and denies pain killers that is the response they hear. It is always followed up with, “You’re gonna be in pain, so it’s ok if you take it as prescribed.”

Number one, Dr. Cavity McDumbass is not your sponsor, has zero degrees in substance abuse and has no idea what it is like to be an alcoholic or drug addict. Would a dentist give advice on what chemotherapy a cancer patient should try? NO! That could kill the cancer patient! This is no different. A dentist telling a recovering person that it is ok to take Oxytocin or Vicodin could kill them too.

Number two, the patient said no! The conversation should end right there. Any persistence by the “Dr.” or any continued persuasion for the addict to take the drug should be considered attempted murder or manslaughter. It is at this point that the “Dr.” has become a drug dealer.


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All doctors take the hippocratic oath. The idea of this is to not cause further harm and part of the oath states, “That warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.” When these dentists ignore this part of the oath by MAKING an addict take a narcotic they cease to be a “Dr.” and become ironically, a hypocrite.

Doctors should all have to complete chemical dependency training before they are allowed to prescribe drugs. Hell, I’d say they have to get their chemical dependency degree before they can be a doctor! There should also be a Nno means no law on the books that states no doctor can prescribe medication to a person after they have refused the medication one time. This would put the doctor on the hook should the recovering person relapse and die.


Last week a friend of mine went through this conversation with a doctor and it went as described above. This “Dr.” added a new line to his BS speech. One I had never heard before and one that made him look 10 times worse. He said, “People in recovery that relapse over the drugs I prescribe were going to relapse anyway.” Wow. That’s like saying the guy with the gun to his head was going to shoot himself so it’s ok that I pulled the trigger for him. This “Dr.” should lose his right to talk.

We need to rein in these a-hole doctors, they are killing our youth and when it comes to the heroin epidemic, studies have shown that dentists are the one’s who started the fire.

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