A Story of Heroin Addiction Treatment: «

A Story of Heroin Addiction Treatment:

October 2, 2016
The Joy Of Being A Sponsor By: Tim Myers |

Help Steve With His Heroin Addiction Treatment

One addict working with another is the best and most pure form of heroin addiction treatment. It takes the mind of an addict to be able to heal the heart of an addict. I had been sober for over 1 year and had a life that was beyond anything I could make up when I first met Steve. He had come to me with the same problem many of us have. He needed heroin addiction treatment. Steve was a few years older than me but he didn’t seem to care. He wanted the smile I had and the joy I felt. He had battled substance abuse for over 30 years and could not for the life of him figure out how to stop. Steve tried every form of heroin addiction treatment and still he kept getting high.

Drug Rehabilitation Failed His Brother


10 years before Steve moved to Florida his brother died of a heroin overdose. Drug rehabilitation didn’t work for Steve’s brother or as it should be noted, his brother didn’t work for his heroin addiction treatment. The death consumed the family. His parents barely survived and Steve fell deeper and darker into his own battle with heroin. The withdrawal didn’t make him stop, the loss of his brother didn’t make him stop, his parents screams didn’t make him stop. He just kept going to heroin addiction treatment centers and relapsing right after he was released. It was devastating. The National Institute on drug abuse says that, “Relapse rates for addiction resemble those of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.”

Steve Even Shot Heroin In The Room His Brother Died In.

Everyday he kept doing things that he told himself he would never ever do. Then one day he shot heroin in the room his brother died in. That wasn’t enough to make him stop.

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My Battle With Drug Addiction Was Different, I was Winning.

I had been to a heroin addiction treatment center and turned my life around. Steve saw this and came to me for help. I laugh when I see those rescue dog stickers on the side of cars that say, “who rescued who” because they always make me think of Steve. Steve got better but the joy that his heroin addiction treatment gave me was incredible. We worked the 12 steps and I saw this man begin to light up. Then the light would go out again for a moment. He dabbled and dabbled never fully surrendering and giving 100% to his drug rehabilitation.

One Night Steve Got Brutally Honest and Stared to Beat His Heroin Addiction..


Steve had been lying to his poor parents for years, telling them that his heroin addiction treatment was working and that he was sober, he was not. I had him call his parents with me in the car and tell them the truth. We all cried, we were all beaten down, except Steve. His heart grew 3 sizes that day, his courage and confidence went through the roof and he never looked back. He worked all the steps, started sponsoring other men and then it happened. Steve was sober for 1 year. I jumped out of bed that day like it was Christmas and hugged him like I had never hugged anyone before. I was so happy for him and the joy I received from watching him grow was greater than any high I ever had. Heroin addiction treatment can take many forms, they are lots of great places you can go for drug rehabilitation. The best place I went was to Steve and Steve went to me and together we’ve been sober one day at a time. To hear Steve’s story in his own words and my introduction of him tune into the recovery insider podcast. Bring Tissues.

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