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5 Signs You’re Heading Towards A Drug Relapse

October 31, 2016
By: Tim Myers |

Addiction is scary as F#*& unless you are constantly working on maintaining your recovery. Those of us in recovery know thousands of people who have gone through a drug relapse. Many have died from their drug relapse, which is why this article is so important to read. Many people who go from a drug relapse say, “I don’t know how this happened.” I am one of those people who said this and when I did I was full of shit.

Permanent Recovery From Addiction Is Possible


If you have had even one day or one hour in a center or a meeting that talks about recovery from addiction you know exactly why you had a drug relapse. You stopped doing what the experts and the people in permanent recovery from addiction told you to do. So in an effort to save the next addict from a drug relapse here are the 5 signs you are heading towards a drug relapse.

5. You Attend Zero Meetings About Recovery From Addiction

People who have not had a drug relapse say this cliché all the time, “Meeting Makers Make It.” There is a reason people say the same thing over and over again is because it is true. The best way to stay sober and avoid a drug relapse is to go to 12 step meetings. Recovery from addiction has a foundation and that foundation is 12 step meetings. You don’t have to go to one every single day but 3 a week is the minimum standard to stay away from a drug relapse. Not to get all medical but, Dr. Deni Carise, deputy chief clinical officer at CRC Health Group says that, “Without having ongoing treatment and support, relapse essentially is easier.”

Drug Relapse Prevention

4. You Don’t Do Drug Recovery Service Work

Talking to other drug addicts is one of the best ways to stay sober and away from a drug relapse. Help at an AA picnic, call another person in recovery from addiction and ask how their day is. It’s simple and easy and it will keep drug relapse away.

You Don’t Have A Recovery Sponsor

Having a sponsor in recovery is like having a personal coach for life. This coach will help keep the drug relapse away because this coach has played the game for many years and this coach has won the world series of recovery from addiction. If you don’t have one you will for sure have a drug relapse.

You Don’t Meditate To Fight Addiction.

Drug Relapse

I really don’t care what you think about God and prayer. Mediation will keep you one step further from a drug relapse and it’s perfect for the God fearing prayer hating kind. Successful people in recovery from addiction swear that meditation is why they don’t have a drug relapse.

You Hang Out With People Who Use Drugs.

People who hang out with people using drugs end up using drugs. People who are in recovery from addiction that hang out with people using have a drug relapse. People who hang out with people in recovery find recovery…

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