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3 Ways to Help an Addict

By: Tim Myers | 3 Tips On What To Do If Your Loved One Has A Problem With Drugs Or Alcohol OK so the person you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol. What do you do? First thing is stop freaking out. Nothing great was ever achieved by Read More

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, He’s Gonna Want Some Crack.

By: Tim Myers | The disease of addiction is cunning baffling and powerful. It is also said to be a progressive disease. In my own journey to long-term sobriety I have seen that this to be true. The progressive nature of drug abuse and alcoholism is deadly and scary. One Read More

There Is No Such Thing As A “Free-lapse”

By: Tim Myers | If you’re in recovery and you take 1 Vicodin, you relapsed, end of story If you’re in recovery and you take a Vicodin, you’ve relapsed, end of story. I can’t wait for all the comments we’re gonna get on this article because my opinion on this Read More

Stop Being an A-Hole, Learn to meditate.

By: Tim Myers | Admitting My Anger I’m not a very nice person sometimes. I can be short with people, angry towards people, angry towards my dog and sometimes I punch walls. Oh, I’ve also been sober over 5 years. So most of you would think that I should have Read More