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Lets Put A Drug Rehab Inside A Strip Club

By: Tim Myers | Drug Rehabs in a Strip Club, Horrible Idea? I think we should put a drug rehab inside a strip club. You cannot convince me this is a bad idea. They put bait shops near the ocean, Dollar Stores in poor neighbor hoods and Ski Resorts on Read More

It’s A Wonderful Life From Drug Rehab To 6 Years Sober

By: Tim Myers | After his 9th Drug Rehab Tim Changed His Life “Please, please, I want to live again.” – George Baily I didn’t say those exact word 6 years ago but I felt each and every one of them. I had tried drug rehab 8 times before and Read More

Used Klonopin After Drug Abuse Rehab? You Relapsed!

By: Tim Myers | Go Back To Drug Abuse Rehab If You’re On Klonopin I was working with a guy and everyday for three months since he got out of a drug abuse rehab. He called me every day and never seemed to have any problems. For most people who Read More

My Alcohol Relapse Is Donald Trumps Fault

By: Tim Myers | Recovering Alcoholics Are Blaming Trump For Their Alcohol Relapse It’s 3 a.m. and the phone is ringing. Who do you want to answer that call? That Iconic Hillary Clinton campaign AD is straggly pertinent to this topic because at 3 a.m. on the night of the Read More

5 Signs You’re Heading Towards A Drug Relapse

By: Tim Myers | Addiction is scary as F#*& unless you are constantly working on maintaining your recovery. Those of us in recovery know thousands of people who have gone through a drug relapse. Many have died from their drug relapse, which is why this article is so important to Read More

Best Candidate To End The Heroin Epidemic Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

By: Tim Myers | A Vote for Hillary is A Vote to End the Heroin Epidemic. The craziest election in the history of the United States of America is about to take place and the biggest issue on my mind is the heroin epidemic. I have not seen any press Read More

A Story of Heroin Addiction Treatment:

The Joy Of Being A Sponsor By: Tim Myers | Help Steve With His Heroin Addiction Treatment One addict working with another is the best and most pure form of heroin addiction treatment. It takes the mind of an addict to be able to heal the heart of an addict. Read More

10 Things I Hate At Substance Abuse Recovery Meetings

By: Tim Myers | Substance abuse recovery meeting have 10 components that make me scream. I’ve been sober from alcohol and drugs for over 5 years and substance abuse recovery meetings are the reason why, but there are 10 things at theses meetings that make me want to drink and Read More

Dentists Do Not Care About Recovering Drug Addicts!

By: Tim Myers | OK, before you all start freaking out.. Obviously I’m not talking about every dentist. I am DEFINITELY not talking about my dentist Dr. Farrell. I’m talking about all those dentists who continue to push medication on people after they mutter the magic words, “I’m in recovery, Read More

Getting Sober Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

By: Tim Myers | Yes it takes the 12 steps to get and stay sober but.. It’s actually much simpler then that. Getting sober and staying sober is as easy as 1,2,3. Step one, ask for help. You don’t get anything unless you ask for it. There is a reason Read More