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About The Podcast

About the Recovery Insider Podcast

Recovery insider is a podcast fueled by the real stories, the real thoughts and the real emotions of people recovering from drugs and alcohol. We are going to make you laugh a lot of the time. Sometimes we are going to make you cry, make you sad, give you hope, pump you up and make you scream, “I want what they have”!. If it wasn’t fun to be in recovery, we wouldn’t be in recovery. If drugs and alcohol didn’t make us cry we would have never stopped using them. This podcast is meant to be a shining example of everything that is good about people in recovery. That doesn’t mean we are going to put on a happy face every other week. It just means that we are going to always present both sides of the stories we tell. The darkness always followed by the light. The topics we discuss and the stories we tell will always entertain you, inspire you and make you smile. We do not talk in statistics or use clinical terminology. We speak in experience, we exhibit strength and we produce hope. There is nothing closer to the authentic recovering alcoholic experience than recovery insider.

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About Tim Myers

Host / Producer

Tim Myers is the host of recovery insider. Tim doesn’t talk like the rest of the sober people you know. He won’t use clichés, but believes in them all. Doesn’t use the terms grand-sponsor or sponsee family but has both. He can tell you a story about the time he died in a car accident and make you laugh hysterically, while crying at the same time. This is not your normal host. He tells you exactly what he is thinking with no regard for how it will make him look because if anything Tim says can help someone, then he believes it was worth saying. His number one goal on this podcast is to make you laugh. Tim believes if you can laugh at what you hear, you’re going to remember it and that is the key to sobriety, remembering the message. Tim has been to 9 treatment centers in 4 states, wants to give a shout out to the Hazelden class of 2004 and will celebrate 6 years of recovery on December 6th. He died once, came back, found God but not in the weird way, met a girl, got married and believes God kept him around to make you people laugh.


About Brian Cattelle

Producer / Technical Director

Brian Cattelle is the son of a great man who worked in mission control when we landed on the moon. He’s a little bit weird, but in the cute way. He’s been to a few treatment centers but have known permanent sobriety for 6 years. He is a leader by example, a humble soldier of recovery and just about the best friend anyone could ask for. He joined co-founded Recovery Insider with Tim in 2015. When they met in treatment Brian said to Tim, “I’ve been here before”. Not Hi, not I’m Brian. A few months later Brian sent Tim a Text message as he lie in his hospital bed after the accident that almost killed him. The text said, “If you need anything, let me know”. The rest is history. Today Brian is the technical director of the show and photographer for the Bare USA project. Many of his images are featured here on website.  Talking pictures and help other are pretty much the two things Brian does better than anyone else.