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About Our Sponsor

Lighthouse Recovery Institute

The Leaders in Gender Specific Treatment – (866) 661-7798

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a gender specific treatment center located in Delray Beach Florida and is the main sponsor of Recovery Insider. Lighthouse Recovery Institute was founded by Brittany Ringersen. Since the day she first got sober Brittany has dedicated her life to helping other alcoholics and drug addicts find sobriety. Brittany saw the ever-growing need for adequate substance abuse treatment centers in the South Florida and was tired of seeing the sick and the tired taken advantage of. Lighthouse Recovery Institute has helped hundreds of men and women find their way back to the light and they have done by always putting the need of their clients first. Finding peace of mind, happiness, permanent recovery and their true self has always been their mission. With over 30 years experience in substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma therapy the clinical staff at Lighthouse Recovery Institute has proved to be the leaders in gender specific substance abuse treatment. Since day one, Lighthouse Recovery Institute has been redefining what it means to be a drug and alcohol treatment centers. If you are someone you know needs help please call them today at 1-866-561-3298 or visit their website at Lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com